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Winter Walk

Submitted: Dec. 16, 2022, 2:35 p.m.
By: Jason Baker, Curator

We got a light dusting of 20+ inches of snow at the Garden over the last week, and it looks like a completely different place.

Quercus-gambelii-Habit-in-Winter-1-JWB22 copy

Gambel Oak (Quercus gambelii)

This species of oak takes on a variety of forms throughout its native range. This specimen here in the Water Pavilion Garden has a nice branching pattern that you can really appreciate this time of year.

Quercus-gambelii-Leaves-Winter-2-JWB22 copy

Gambel Oak (Quercus gambelii)

Gambel Oak leaves look like jigsaw puzzle pieces atop the snow.

WP Winter 1 JWB22

Water Pavilion

Everything looks better with a fresh blanket of snow.

NA Bee Boxes Winter 1 JWB22 copy

Solitary Bee Boxes

Shhhh, the bees are sleeping.

NA Oak Tunnel Winter 3 JWB22 copy

Oak Tunnel

It has been a few years since we had enough snow to snowshoe, so why not break out the snowshoes and spend a day over the holidays snowshoeing the trails in the Natural Area.

(Remember, only snowshoes are permitted in the Garden. Skis, snowboards, tubes, and sleds are not allowed).


Photos by Jason W. Baker