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What's Blooming Now - Spring

It's Pretty Easy Being Green

Submitted: May 11, 2021, 4:14 p.m.
By: Jason Baker, Curator

While everyone is "Ooh-ing" and "Ahhh-ing" over the bright, flashy, and colorful flowers, there's a whole world of flowers that aren't trying to grab your attention, but rather blend in with their surroundings. Keep an eye out for some of these green flowers next time you visit.

Helleborus foetidus Flowers 1 LEG18 copy.JPG

Stinking Hellebore (Helleborus foetidus)

Hellebores have very long-lasting flowers, and this unique variety is one of the earliest to bloom and last ones to stop.


Norway Maple (Acer platanoides)

These will soon begin developing into the familiar "helicopters" that spin away in the fall.


Robb's Spurge (Euphorbia amygdaloides ssp. robbiae)

Within its green flowers, this great shade-loving spurge produces pollinator-attracting drops of nectar.


Trident Maple (Acer buergerianum)

These flowers are so small if you blink, you'll miss them. Watch for this unique maple along the Fern Gully path.

Betula papyrifera Male and Female Catkins JWB14.JPG

Paperbark Birch (Betula papyrifera)

Like all other birches, paperbark birch produces flowers called catkins that dangle from the branches releasing pollen as the wind blows.


Bigtooth Maple (Acer grandidentatum)

A Utah native, this maple produces flowers with no petals and the flowers can have either just stamens, just a pistil, or both...but usually male and female flowers are separate.


Texas Red Oak (Quercus texana)

Another wind-pollinated tree, oaks send their flowers out right before their leaves so the wind can deliver the pollen to another awaiting oak.

Reminder that today and tomorrow are the last two days of our Spring Plant Sale. Come get what you want or you'll have to wait until next year to get your hands on some amazing plants.

Photos by Lezlae Grubb and Jason W. Baker