Volunteer Benefits

Benefits of Volunteering at Red Butte Garden

Red Butte Garden volunteers cultivate beauty, community, friendships, and life skills.

Red Butte Garden strives to honor and recognize its volunteers each year by offering the following benefits. Benefits are based on the volunteer calendar which begins November 1st and ends October 31st.

Volunteer Benefits

All Volunteers

  • Free admission to the Garden on days they volunteer.
  • Invitations to volunteer gatherings.
  • Additional hour benefits as listed below.
  • Hour Benefits *

  • 30 hours/year ~ Garden-Plus membership to Red Butte Garden and invitation to Volunteer Recognition Event
  • 50 hours/year ~ Above benefits plus complimentary RBG membership upgrade to Family or Circle of Friends level and 20% discount in the Gift Shop at Red Butte Garden
  • 75 hours/year ~ Above benefits plus Red Butte Garden gift and two (2) guest passes to the Garden
  • 100 hours/year ~ Two (2) complimentary tickets to a Red Butte Garden Outdoor Concert Series show (restrictions apply)
  • 150+ hours/year ~ Above benefits plus one (1) gift membership (Family or Circle of Friends level) and one (1) complimentary Red Butte Garden class or workshop (restrictions apply)
  • 300 hours/year ~ Two (2) additional complimentary tickets to a Red Butte Garden Outdoor Concert Series show (restrictions apply)
  • Service Awards

  • 3 years at 40+ hours ~ Bronze Service Pin
  • 5 years at 40+ hours ~ Silver Service Pin and gift & Button shirt
  • 10 years at 40+ hours ~ Gold Service Pin and gift & Fleece Vest
  • 15 years at 40+ hours ~ Platinum Award and gift
  • 20 years at 40+ hours ~ Diamond Award, Garden Recognition
  • 25 years at 40+ hours ~ Lifetime Award, Lifetime Membership to Red Butte Garden.

  • Federal Tax Deductions

    Volunteers can receive tax deductions from the federal government on out-of-pocket, un-reimbursed travel expenses such as parking fees and standard mileage rate (determined annually by the IRS). If volunteers have any questions about how they should file, they should consult a tax professional.

    RSVP Program

    The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), a program of Salt Lake County Aging Services and the Corporation for National and Community Service, is a volunteer program for people age 55 and older and has been making a difference throughout Salt Lake County for the past 35 years. Red Butte Garden is one of over 30 RSVP volunteer sites. Volunteers who are at least 55 years old are welcome and encouraged to enroll as RSVP volunteers. RSVP benefits include: travel reimbursement assistance if needed, invitations to recognition events, and supplemental accident and liability insurance at no cost to the volunteer. If volunteers would like additional information about RSVP or to enroll in the program please call 385-468-3240 and a RSVP representative will be happy to assist them.

    *Volunteer time logs must be turned into the volunteer coordinator to receive benefits.
    *All benefits are awarded at the end of the year.
    *Those who volunteer for school credit, community service, or other compensation are not eligible for Red Butte Garden volunteer benefits.

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