Horticulture Volunteers

Natural Area Volunteers

The Natural Area provides volunteers with an opportunity to learn about the habitat and care of native plants in the foothill’s most pristine region by assisting with restoration projects, trail maintenance, invasive species removal, and native seed collection. Other opportunities include planting, pruning, and seasonal greenhouse activities. Working in the Natural Area includes physical labor (hiking, kneeling, bending, lifting, tool use, etc.) and working in a variety of weather conditions. Volunteers must be age 15 years or older - younger volunteers must be approved in advance and accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Available: April – October or longer depending on the weather.


While working in the field throughout Utah, Conservation volunteers facilitate projects that protect and restore native plants and ecosystems. We collect seeds for conservation storage, survey populations and habitats, conduct experiments in the field and greenhouse, propagate endangered species, and develop new techniques for managing and restoring plant resources. We invite anyone, age 18 and older, with an interest in the botanical treasures of the West to join us. Our projects often take place in remote locations under a variety of weather conditions, so volunteers should relish the outdoors and be comfortable with camping, hiking, and the challenge if environmental uncertainty.
Available: March – November.

Greenhouse Volunteers (Currently Filled)

Volunteers at the greenhouse are the foundation for the Garden’s seasonal displays: propagating plants from seeds and cuttings, transplanting, spacing, thinning, watering, and pruning until the plants are garden-ready. Greenhouse volunteers also plant and care for the Garden’s outdoor seasonal displays. Volunteers must be age 15 years or older. Working in the greenhouse includes light lifting, getting a little wet on occasion, working with your hands, small seeds, and delicate plants.
Available: Year-round with August and December off.

Plant Curation Volunteers

Plant Curation volunteers assist staff in the vital record-keeping and research of plants throughout the Garden. This opportunity allows volunteers to learn botanic names, curation methods, GIS skills, basic photography, and data entry. Volunteers must be age 15 years or older. Plant Curation includes standing for short periods, walking the Garden and working in a variety of weather conditions.
Available: Year-round.

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