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Water Conservation Garden

Discover the beauty of adaptation.

The three-acre Water Conservation Garden is the newest and largest cultivated garden at Red Butte Garden. Officially opened in May 2017, it contains a variety of themed gardens including Desert Harvest, Groundcover Tapestry, Flowering Shrub Hillside, and Adaptive Beauty gardens, all which demonstrate various low-water gardening techniques and planting schemes. The Water Conservation Garden’s mission is to demonstrate Red Butte Garden’s commitment to water conservation and low input gardening. The Garden also aims to act as a state-wide leader in native plant horticulture, water-wise landscaping and resource-conscious gardening.

Water wise gardening can include a range of water requirements. Plants should be designed, installed, and irrigated by hydro-zone so that each planting receives the amount of water it requires.

Like all our gardens, the Water Conservation Garden will evolve and change over time as young plants mature and more water-wise plants become available in the trade.

Water Conservation Garden Blooms - Dave Titensor

Photo: Dave Titensor, University of Utah

Water Conservation Garden Overlook - Dave Titensor

Photo: Dave Titensor, University of Utah


Photo: Kate Randall, Red Butte Garden

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