School Field Classes


Guided field classes are designed to meet the standards and objectives of the Utah State Core Curriculum at each grade level, focusing on hands-on activities that will engage and delight students of all ages. All classes are held rain or shine, and are led by either a Red Butte Garden Education Staff member or a trained Education Volunteer. Kindergarten through Second grade students are guided 90 minutes, and Third through Sixth grades are guided for two hours.

Guided Field Trips are Full for 2019-2020.

We are still taking requests for Self-Guided Field Classes.


Red Butte Garden / Natural History Museum of Utah Experience

RBG/NHMU Field Trips are full for 2019-2020.

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Red Butte Garden Field Classes

Self-guided visits can be requested here.

Teachers and chaperones lead their students to explore the Garden. Reservations are taken afternoons M-Th and all day Friday during the school year.


Reservations are required for all field trips

For Guided Field Classes, we require 1 adult chaperone for every 7 students. Students, teachers, and chaperones in Public and Charter schools within the 1:7 adult to student ratio are admitted free of charge. Chaperones exceeding the 1:7 adult to student ratio are admitted at the current admission price.

Private school and home school students are admitted at a group rate of $6.00 per student. Adults and chaperones within the required 1:7 adult to student ratio are admitted free of charge. Chaperones exceeding the 1:7 ratio are admitted at the current admission price.

Note that GUIDED GARDEN TOURS can be arranged for non-school groups. MORE INFO

Students: With confirmed reservations, publically-funded school students are admitted free of charge. Privately-funded and Home School students are admitted at a group rate of $6.00 per student.
Chaperones: With confirmed reservations, all RBG Guided Field Classes cover funding for 1 adult chaperone for every 7 students. For Red Butte Garden and Natural History Museum Experiences, Garden funding covers 1 adult for every 6 students. For Red Butte Garden Self-Guided Trips, Garden funding covers 1 adult for every 5 students. All Chaperones exceeding their confirmed trip ratio are admitted at the current admission price.



Students explore the Garden using their five senses. This 90-minute lesson will excite our youngest adventurers.

1st Grade

For 90 minutes, students explore plant parts with hands-on activities at discovery stations throughout the Garden. Activities include: dissecting a lima bean, dissecting a flower, and observing all plant parts in a variety of settings.

2nd Grade

For 90 minutes, students learn about the life cycle of plants, including pollination, seed dispersal, and plant development with hands-on activities throughout the Garden.

3rd Grade

Put on your hiking shoes! Students learn about the adaptations of native plants and animals, as well as interrelationships that occur in the Natural Area of the Garden. This two-mile hike/tour in the foothills of Salt Lake City includes searching for animal signs and learning about habitats and ecosystems.

4th Grade

Student naturalists will hone in on concepts introduced in third grade, such as ecosystems, habitats, and interrelationships. Additionally, students will explore and identify native plants and animals while hiking through Red Butte Garden's Natural Area.

5th Grade

For two hours, students are immersed in exploring the Garden while identifying traits of parent organisms and their offspring, as well as the difference of inherited vs. acquired traits. In the Fall, oak trees are the specimen of focus, alongside their seed visibility and potential invaders. In the Spring, students observe traits of plants as well as amazing adaptations of water-wise plants in our Water Conservation Garden.

6th Grade

Created for SEED standards that were adopted in 2017, students are lead on a two-hour trip filled with facets of ecosystem health, diversity, native vs. non-native plants, and plant adaptations specific to water-wise ecosystems. Students also have opportunities to practice recording observations in a citizen science database that tracks changes over time.

Secondary School Programs

Self-guided tours allow teachers to bring their students up to discover the beauty and wonder of the Garden.

In Your Classroom (Title 1 Schools)

Red Butte Garden offers Title 1 schools a Garden staff member to teach both the pre-visit and post-visit activity in the classroom. When you schedule your field trip to the Garden, please mention that you are a Title 1 school.

Teachers have told us that this program has dramatically increased the level of understanding during the field experience at the Garden and in meeting core curriculum requirements. To get this program started in your classroom or to give us feedback, please contact the Red Butte Garden Education Department.

Title 1 Field Class Program, School Programs, 300 Wakara Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84108

Self-Guided Exploration (K-12th Grade)

Using maps of the Garden, students and teachers can chart their own exploratory adventure through Red Butte Garden. Reservations are scheduled for afternoons M-Th, with all-day availability on Friday.

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