Membership FAQ

Need more information about Red Butte Garden Membership? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below.

General Questions

What is the best way to purchase or renew a membership?

Memberships may be purchased multiple ways:

  • ONLINE with a credit card
  • By phone with a credit card: 801-585-0556
  • In person at the RBG Visitor Center with cash, check, or credit card: 300 Wakara Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84108
  • With a check by mail:

    Print out, fill out, and return this Membership Application FORM to:
    Red Butte Garden, Attn: Membership Dept.
    300 Wakara Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84108

*Automatic Renewal available online only

My friend / family / coworker loves Red Butte Garden! How can I give them the gift of membership?

  • Gift Memberships can be purchased ONLINE, by phone at 801-585-0556, or in person at the RBG Visitor Center. Gift Memberships cannot be purchased through the mail.
  • When purchasing a Gift Membership online ensure you check the box “This membership is a gift” and complete all requested fields to ensure the gift is mailed in a timely manner.

When can I expect to receive my membership card?

Please allow three to four weeks for your card to arrive, but don’t wait to enjoy the Garden! During the processing period you may continue to visit by simply showing a photo ID at the RBG Visitor Center.

How often do membership prices increase? Why?

Membership rates increase every two to three years. As the Garden grows, periodically assessing the membership program and increasing rates allows the Garden to continue to provide an excellent experience to members.

Is my membership considered a charitable gift? If so, how do I get my receipt?

In accordance with IRS guidelines, memberships of $60 or less are considered charitable gift. Memberships above $60 are partially considered charitable gifts, less the fair market value of any benefits you may receive. Here is a list of each level and it's charitable gift amount.

- Garden-Basic: $45 charitable gift
- Garden-Flex: $60 charitable gift
- Circle of Friends: $5 charitable gift
- Family: $10 charitable gift
- Family-Flex: $5 charitable gift
- Contributor: $75 charitable gift
- Forget-Me-Not: $175 charitable gift
- Blazing Star: $380 charitable gift
- Avant Gardener: $1,000 charitable gift
- Director's Club: $2,500 charitable gift.

Your gift reciept will come from the University of Utah. If you need to request a new gift receipt, contact the membership department at

Can membership gifts be matched?

Yes! Find out if your employer matches gifts HERE, or contact your employers’ Human Resources Department.

I lost my membership card! What should I do?

Contact the Membership Department at or call 801-585-7172 to request a replacement. You should receive your new card within three to four weeks. While waiting for your new card, continue to visit the Garden by simply showing your photo ID at the Visitor Center.

If I renew my membership before it expires, how will this affect my expiration date?

Your membership is valid for 12 full months. If you renew your Membership early, your membership will be extended for 12 months past your current expiration date.


What membership levels are eligible for Red Butte Garden Outdoor Concert Series benefits?

You must purchase a Garden-Flex level or above to qualify for concert benefits. Garden-Basic does not receive concert benefits.

How does the Garden member-only presale of tickets for the Outdoor Concert Series work?

Current members at the Garden-Flex level and above are eligible to participate in the concert series presale one week before tickets go on sale to the public. Generally the presale takes place at the end of April.

The Membership promo code is the email address associated with your Garden membership. This code allows members to purchase presale tickets and get a discount.

It is wise to ensure your Garden membership is current by the month of March and that you are certain we have your preferred email address on file, so that no problems are encountered. For more information on the Garden member presale, visit the HOW TO BUY concert tickets page.

How many concert tickets can I purchase at the member rate?

Member Rate Tickets
per Concert
Garden-Flex 2
Family 4
Family-Flex 4
Circle of Friends 4
Contributor 6
Forget-Me-Not 6
Blazing Star 8
Avant Gardener 8
Director’s Club 8

I want to buy my limit of member rate tickets, but I also need to buy additional tickets at the regular price, can I do that when I buy my discounted tickets?

No. Only member-rate tickets may be purchased during the presale period. Additional tickets may be purchased when ticket sales open to the General Public.

Does my membership guarantee Outdoor Concert Series tickets?

No. Each concert has a limited number of tickets and there is always a possibility that tickets will sell out before all members get a chance to place their orders.

Do members have special parking privileges?

No. When visiting the Garden or attending a concert, parking is free, but limited. For more information on concert parking, please visit the CONCERT FAQ page.

Membership Levels and Benefits

In 2015 I had an Individual or Dual Membership, what level is a good fit for me now that those levels have changed?

The new level, Garden-Flex, is perfect for you! Garden-Flex is a hybrid of Individual and Dual, and is the same thing as the old Garden-Plus. With this membership you may either bring one unnamed guest each visit, or you may name a second person a cardholder. If you choose to name a second cardholder, any guests you bring will need to pay admission, even if the second cardholder is not present.

What is a Flex membership?

Flex means flexibility for guest allowances and unique family needs, such as caregivers or play dates. Each Flex membership has one space which can be used for either an additional named cardholder, or an adult guest. Once a cardholder has been named, the membership is non-transferrable.

Garden-Flex: You may either have two cardholders and no guests, OR one cardholder and one guest of any age.
Family-Flex: You may either have three cardholders and six children 17 and under, or two cardholders, one guest of any age, and six children 17 and under.

If I choose to name an additional cardholder on my Garden-Flex or Family-Flex membership, may I still bring guests to the Garden?

Garden-Flex No, once the second cardholder is named, only cardholders have free admission.

Family-Flex You will still be able to bring 6 children 17 and under, however you will no longer have the ability to bring one guest of any age.

What is the difference between a Family and a Family-Flex Membership?

  • A Family membership allows for two cardholders and free admission for up to six children, age 17 and under, each visit. This level is perfect for parents or grandparents who bring their family to the Garden frequently.
  • A Family-Flex membership allows for a third cardholder. Family-Flex is a great solution for families with caregivers of both adult and underage children.

Can I bring play dates to the Garden with my Family / Family-Flex Membership?

Family and Family-Flex memberships are perfect for play dates! Each membership allows for up to six unnamed children each visit. Just remember that additional children or any adults who are not cardholders will be charged an admission fee.

I want to bring additional guests to the Garden. How do I get/use my 50% off guest coupons?

One 50% off Guest Coupons will be included in your welcome package with your membership card. You must bring the physical coupon to the Garden for your guest to receive 50% off admission.

Each Membership level qualifies for the following number of 50% off Guest Coupons:

  • Garden-Basic – 2
  • Garden-Flex – 2
  • Family – 2
  • Family-Flex – 2
  • Circle of Friends – 2
  • Contributor – 4
  • Forget-Me-Not – 6
  • Blazing Star – 8
  • Avant Gardener – 10
  • Director’s Club – 10

I have decided I want a higher level, how can I upgrade my membership?

To upgrade your membership please call 801-585-0556, or stop by the Visitor Center. Memberships cannot be upgraded online or through the mail.

I would like to attend an adult workshop / sign my children up for an activity, how do I get my member discount?

To receive your discount you will need to REGISTER in Red Butte Garden’s online portal using the email associated with your membership. Within 2-4 weeks of purchasing your membership you will receive a registration email reminder, but you may register at any time.

After you are logged in you will be able to register for classes / workshops / activities and receive your discount. Your discount will be reflected after you add items to your cart, before you complete check-out. Outdoor Concert Series tickets are not purchased through this portal. You can find information on purchasing Outdoor Concert Series tickets HERE.

If your discount is not being reflected please call 801-585-0556.

I signed up for a class through the online portal and didn’t receive my discount. What should I do?

Please call 801-581-8454. Staff will work with you to ensure you are refunded the proper amount, and that future registrations are processed properly.

I never received instructions for registering for the online portal. How do I get set up to get my membership discount on Garden programming?

You can REGISTER on our website at any time. Just remember to use the email associated with your membership so the system will properly recognize you and give you your benefits. If you continue to encounter issues, please call 801-585-0556.

Am I allowed to bring friends/family to the member-only Spring Plant Sale date?

You may bring your spouse, partner, or children to the member-only Spring Plant Sale date. Outside of those in your immediate family, the member-only Plant Sale date is intended to be a benefit to current Garden Member cardholders only.

Of course, all visitors are welcome to the Plant Sale on the days and times they are open to the public.

Automatic Membership Renewal

Can I set my membership to renew automatically?

Yes! Automatic membership renewals are available online only. Just check the box next to "Renew this membership automatically when it expires."

Is automatic renewal secure?

It sure is. We store your encrypted credit card information in a secure, PCI-compliant vault. It can only be used for your automatic renewal or any recurring gifts you set up through our online portal. You can read more about automatic renewal and recurring gifts here!

When can I expect my card to be charged for my next membership?

Your card will be charged on your membership expiration date. If you are not sure when that is, give us a call at 801-585-7172.

If membership prices increase, will my card be charged more?

It will. We will send you two reminders with price information one month before your expiration date. If you would like to change or end your automatic renewal, give us a call at 801-585-7172.

I upgraded my membership to a higher level after I set up my automatic renewal. What level will I be renewed at?

The system will automatically renew your membership at the level you upgraded your membership to.

How do I update or end my automatic renewal?

Just give us a call at 801-585-7172 and we can help you make any changes to your automatic renewal.

What happens if my credit card information changes?

If your credit card expiration date has changed, contact us by calling 801-585-7172 and we can update your automatic renewal.

If your credit card number has changed, or you would prefer to use a different card, contact us by calling 801-585-7172 to cancel your previous order. Afterwards, you can go online and reinstate your automatic renewal.

More Questions?

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