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Immunomodulators and Adaptogens

Aside from containing compounds useful in treating disease, some plants are abundant in compounds that help prevent illness. Many of these pant have been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic cultures and are often referred to today as immunomodulators and adaptogens. These plants contain compounds that support good immune health, reduce effects of physical and mental stress and ward off diseases before treatment may even be needed.

General strengthening of the immune system also benefits those already undergoing cancer treatment. Cancer therapies can severely stress the human body and result in suppressed immune systems, pain, and fatigue. This can leave patients vulnerable to other illnesses and infections. Immunomodulators and adaptogens help protect or regulate the immune system and may help reduce the negative side effects of cancer therapies like chemotherapy and radiation.

While visiting the Medicinal Garden at Red Butte Garden, look for the grey plant identication labels to learn more about the plants with immunomodulating or adaptogenic compounds.

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