Garden After Dark


2018 Garden After Dark Theme & Dates To Be Announced


Do adults need to purchase Garden After Dark tickets?
Yes. Everyone over the age of 2 is required to have a ticket to enter the event. Don’t forget children two and under are free!

Can I purchase tickets ahead of time?
You can pre-purchase tickets online below or by phone at (801) 581-8454. Tickets can be picked up at Will Call on the night of the event. Be sure to bring a valid form of ID when you pick up your tickets.

What is your refund policy?
All ticket sales are final. No refunds, replacements, or exchanges.

Are admission tickets or passes to the Garden the same as tickets for Garden After Dark?
No. Garden After Dark is a special event and requires a different ticket than general admission to the Garden. Passes such as the Connect Pass or Wasatch Savings Card are only good for discounted or free general admission to the Garden - they are NOT valid toward the purchase of Garden After Dark tickets or other special events.

What should I bring with me to the event?
Garden After Dark includes both indoor and outdoor activities so dress for the weather! Garden paths will be lit during the event, but you may also want to bring a flashlight to help guide your way.

Can I wear a costume?
Yes! Dress your family in their Halloween best! Costumes are encouraged with the exception of adults in full face masks which are prohibited.

Will there be food available?
Food vendors will be located in the Courtyard Garden. This year sample delicious international foods from Jamaica's Kitchen October 19, 21, & 22 and Mother of All (Sudanese Cuisine) October 26, 27, & 28. And don't forget to stop by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory each night for a warm drink and delectable treats.

What’s included in the price of Garden After Dark admission?
All activity stations located throughout the Garden are included with admission. The only items not included in admission are goods sold by food vendors, craft vendors, and the Red Butte Garden Gift Shop.

What activities will be available this year?
Full descriptions of this year’s activity stations can be found below.

Where do I park?
Guests are encouraged to park in the Red Butte Garden, Natural History Museum of Utah (October 19 and 26 only), or the Williams building parking lots (see map). A complimentary shuttle will run between the Garden and the Williams building to transport guests to and from the event. Guests are welcome to drop off passengers at the door before parking.


Garden Members $6 | General Public $12
Children age 2 and under are free!
2018 Dates To Be Announced
Thursday, October TBA
Friday, October TBA
Saturday, October TBA
Thursday, October TBA
Friday, October TBA
Saturday, October TBA

With crafts, activities, light displays, and more, this is a fun-filled evening you and your family won’t want to miss! Join us for Garden After Dark, an indoor/outdoor, costume and kid-friendly experience in the Garden to celebrate Halloween.


Quest for the Curiosity Key Gems

Before embarking on your adventure, pick up your family guide to Wonderland and your Curiosity Key outside the Visitor Center. You’ll need the Curiosity Key to unlock the Looking Glass, a magic portal you can use to leave Wonderland and return to the real world. But your key is missing its four magic gems! Rumor has it that four of Wonderland's most famous citizens have the missing gems. Visit each Wonderlandian, complete a simple task for him or her, and you'll be rewarded with a missing gem. Can you collect the missing gems, find the Looking Glass, and return home before the night is over?


Down the Rabbit Hole

Follow the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole to discover the magic entrance to Wonderland. Keep your eyes open for flying clocks, floating bookshelves, magic keys, and more as you travel from the real world to the wondrous world of Wonderland. What secrets about the natural world will you uncover along the way?


Conversation with the Caterpillar | ♣ Gem Stop

Filled with wisdom and sage advice, no trip to Wonderland is complete without a visit to the Caterpillar, Wonderland’s resident mushroom and fungi expert. Start your quest to complete your Curiosity Key by investigating some of the strange, unusual, and downright magical fungi found in the Caterpillar’s collection. Then, show the Caterpillar what you've learned by decorating your own incredible shrinking mushroom charm and he will reward you with your first gem.

Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party | ♦ Gem Stop

Put on your swankiest hat and get ready to party with the Mad Hatter, Wonderland’s premiere supplier of fancy hats and herbal teas. While you're here, explore which plants can be made into herbal teas and discover how they can be used to soothe a sore throat, to relieve a headache, and more. Then, play one of the Mad Hatter's party games, including Flamingo Croquet, Tea Bean Bag Toss, and more to win your next Curisoity Key Gem.


The Dodo's Nest

Take a break from your adventure at the Dodo’s Nest. Warm yourself by the fire cauldron and listen to a story from Ginger Parkinson, a member of the Storytellers Guild of Utah, before continuing on your journey.

Cheshire Cat

The Cheshire Cat's Forest of Riddles

Something is hiding in the trees of the Garden, and it looks like a large cat with a mischievous smile! Can you solve the riddles and find the clues to catch the Cheshire Cat and make it through the forest?


Bill the Lizard's Living Flower Patch | ♠ Gem Stop

You can learn an awful lot from the flowers because flowers in Wonderland talk! Stop in at Bill the Lizard’s Living Flower Patch to learn how flowers use different adaptations to attract pollinators. After, use what you’ve learned to craft your own Wonderland pollinator you can use on a hunt to find the six larger-than-life living flowers scattered throughout the Terrace Gardens. Can you find all six flowers and earn your third Curiosity Key Gem?


Audience with the Queen | ♥ Gem Stop

Finish your quest at the palace of the Queen of Hearts. During your audience with the Queen, you’ll discover not only how her Wonderland roses change colors from white to red but also how some real-world roses, hydrangeas, and other plants can shapeshift and change colors, too. Then, use your new knowledge to weave a color-changing tassel to decorate a special bookmark. If you impress the Queen with your skills, you just might earn your fourth and final Curiosity Key Gem.

Pocket Watch

Through the Looking Glass

With all four gems back on your Curiosity Key, you're ready to use it to open the Looking Glass and return to the real world. Once you're back, tell us about your adventures and help us complete our Wonderland Mural to commemorate the night. We'll thank you for joining us in Wonderland with a special prize you can use to continue your adventures in the natural world at home.

Find the White Rabbit

Eye Spy the White Rabbit

As you travel around Wonderland, keep track of how many White Rabbits you find hidden throughout the Garden. At the end of the night, enter your guess to win one of six complimentary Family Memberships. How many White Rabbits can you find?

Fire Barrels

Fire Barrels

Stop and ask for directions to the next stop on your Wonderland adventure! Our friendly volunteers provide general information and advice as well as a spot to warm up before continuing on your journey.


Wonderland Story Time

Wonderland Story Time at The Wildflower Meadow

Join us every night of Garden After Dark for fantastical tales of Wonderland as well as other stories perfectly suited to the season with Ginger Parkinson, a professional storyteller from the Utah Storytellers Guild. Stay awhile and listen as you take a quick break from your Wonderland adventure.

Wish Dance Performance at the Orangerie

Wish Dance Performace at the Orangerie
October 26 & 27

See the students of Tanner Dance share their love of movement and creativity with a collection of pieces from their upcoming performance of Wish - part of the Rose Wagner’s Ring Around the Rose series. Choreography includes dancers from the Children’s Dance Theatre, the Virginia Tanner Creative Dance Program, and In Motion, Momentum, and Tipping Point Dance Companies. The full production of Wish will be performed Saturday, November 11 at 11AM and 1PM in the Jeanne Wagner Theatre. Tickets are available through

Selfie Booth at the Orangerie

Straighten your costume, put on your best Cheshire Cat grin, and gather your friends and family to commemorate your trip to Wonderland with a stop at our selfie booth! Snap a picture of your group and use #gardenafterdark to share the fun on social media.


Character Beanies

Character Beanies

Character Beanies offers unique, hand-crafted yarn beanie hats created from designer, owner, and artist Susan Blamires. These truly one-of-a-kind hats are crafted by a master artist and made from the highest quality materials. From animals to superheroes; Easter bonnets to Halloween faces; adult to infant . . . Character Beanies has a beanie to fit any personality!

Red Butte Garden Gift Shop

Red Butte Garden Gift Shop

If you're looking for a unique gift to commerate your adventures in Wonderland, look no further than the Red Butte Garden Gift Shop. Here you'll find a great selection of local products and a wide variety of botanical and garden inspired gifts. And don't forget to checkout our tent in the Courtyard for exclusive Garden After Dark items sure to make your trip to Wonderland extra memorable.


Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Grab a sweet treat before heading into Wonderland at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory's tent. With a wide variety of warm drinks and delectable treats perfectly suited to your Wonderland adventures, there's sure to be something for everyone at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

Jamaica's Kitchen

Jamaica's Kitchen
October 19, 20, & 21

Jamaica's Kitchen brings the flavors and vibe of authentic Jamaican food to Utah. Try some spicy and sweet Jamaican jerk chicken, beef patties, tender oxtail, and other delicious Jamaican dishes. Proud participant of the Spice Kitchen Incubator.

Mother of All Sudanese

Mother of All
October 26, 27, & 28

Mother of All brings mouth-watering Sudanese cuisine to Utah. Sample falafels (deep fried pastry made of chickpeas), sambusas (pastries filled with vegetables and spices), and other Sudanese delicacies. Proud participant of the Spice Kitchen Incubator.


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