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KaBLOOM! Bulbs & Blooms
590,000 Blooming Bulbs
April & May

Red Butte Garden

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590,000 Blooming Bulbs

April & May

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Revel in an explosion of color at Red Butte Garden and Arboretum and our dazzling display of more than half a million blooming bulbs, including some 250,000 daffodils. Bring a camera, a picnic, a friend or the little ones to wander the Garden's paved paths or hike a trail in the Natural Area.

Different bulb varieties peak at different times, and can be weather dependent, so visit often this spring to discover what's blooming every day.


By mid to late March, depending on the weather, miniature and early-season bulbs begin to bloom. Look for snowdrops, reticulated iris, Siberian squill, and glory-of-the-snow in the Garden's sunny spots and especially in the Rose Garden areas.

590,000 Blooming Bulbs:

Depending on the weather, peak daffodil bloom usually happens during the month of April, especially mid-April, and you are likely to find thousands of other blooming bulbs during this time as well.

You won't find many tulips in Red Butte Garden. Tulip bulbs are delicious to deer and squirrels, and they will dig up garden beds to find them, so we avoid planting them here.

Take a look at our What's Blooming Now blog for the latest photos and updates!

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Bulb Planting:

Almost every fall, Red Butte Garden volunteers and staff plant additional bulbs throughout the Garden, and now we're up to a colorful array of over 590,000 blooming bulbs! Of those, over 250,000 are daffodils. Other bulbs include Allium, Anemone, Calochortus, Camassia, Chionodoxa, Cyclamen, Erythronium, Fritillaria, Galanthus, Hyacinth, Hyacinthoides, Ipheion, Iris, Leucojum, Muscari, Scilla, Triteleia, and more.

Further complimenting the blooming bulbs are blossoming trees, shrubs, and vines such as magnolia, flowering pear, crabapple, hawthorn, viburnum, wisteria, foxtail lily, lilac, and more!

Since 2013, Red Butte Garden has been recognized as an Official Display Garden by the American Daffodil Society. Our display includes 157 different cultivars from all 13 official divisions recognized by the Royal Horticultural Society of England. Our display also includes 14 recipients of the Wister and Panil Awards, which recognizes outstanding American hybridizers and daffodil selections.

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