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Red Butte Garden Outdoor Concert Series

Red Butte Garden uses an external ticketing system called Ticketfly. You must set up a Ticketfly account BEFORE you can purchase concert tickets online.

For additional information, please click the panels below:
Ticket & Sales Date Information
Monday, April 24 at 7PM - Online Only
Tuesday, April 25 at 9AM - In-person & Online

Membership Deadline – Friday, April 21
Renew or purchase a Garden-Plus Membership level or above by April 21 in order to participate in the April 24 Member-Only Online presale.

Membership sales will not be available April 22 through April 24

Membership sales will resume on Tuesday, April 25

Please note: Garden Membership does not guarantee concert ticket availability.

Monday, May 1 at 9AM - In-Person & Online sales
General Concert Information

The Red Butte Garden Amphitheatre has a capacity of 3000, this means that only 3000 tickets are available to any show. We currently have more Garden Members than we have tickets available, so some concerts may sell out quickly—sometimes in less than 10 minutes.

Before buying tickets, we suggest that you do a couple things to prepare:
Make sure your Garden membership is current and know which email you assigned to that membership and set up a Ticketfly account in advance.

Red Butte Garden uses an external ticketing system called Ticketfly.
We recommend that you only purchase Red Butte Garden Outdoor Concert Series tickets online at,, or

You can also purchase tickets in-person at the Red Butte Garden Visitor Center, or by calling Ticketfly at: 877-987-6487

Ticketfly Registration Process
  • You must establish a Ticketfly account in order to purchase concert tickets online
  • To set up an account go to:
  • Click on "Your Account"
  • Click on "Register", follow the instructions and establish a Ticketfly password
How to Buy Tickets Online
  • FYI: Because only a limited amount of tickets are available to every show, some concerts may sell-out quickly – sometimes in less than 10 minutes.
  • Important! Garden Members & General Public: SET UP and LOG IN to your Ticketfly account with your Ticketfly account password BEFORE tickets go on sale at
  • Ater logging in, go to
  • Garden Members: Use the email address associated with your Garden Membership as your "Promo Code,” this allows you to participate in the Member-only presale AND get your Member discount on concert tickets
  • Still need help? Check out the How-To-Buy video below or download the How-To-Buy PDF attachment
  • If you are unsure of your Garden Member Promo Code, please email PRIOR to the presale date

Check out the How To Purchase video instructions.

Why are some tickets available online through artist’s fan clubs?

Many artist contracts specify that we are to hold a small number of general admission tickets for the artist to sell directly to their fan club. These tickets are available only on the artist’s official web site, and only for a short period of time. In addition to any fan club membership fees, tickets are offered at the full public price. Garden Members are welcome to purchase these tickets by joining the fan club, but they will not receive the Garden Member discount on those tickets. Red Butte Garden does not control when these tickets go on sale.

Why are some tickets available online through reseller sites (StubHub, etc.)?

We do not partner with any ticket resellers and do not recommend purchasing tickets through resellers. Unfortunately, ticket reselling is legal in the state of Utah, so we cannot completely prevent reselling, however, we do monitor ticket limits and will cancel orders with ticket numbers above the allotted limits. No reseller has tickets to any of our concerts before the Garden Member presale date. Some ticket brokers have signed up for Garden Memberships but they must purchase their tickets just like other Garden Members with the same limitations on the number of tickets that can be purchased. If you purchase a ticket from a reseller, please be aware that the ticket will be overpriced and may be invalid. We cannot verify that a ticket is valid until the ticket is scanned at the entrance gate on the night of the concert. It may be a ticket number that was sold twice, meaning that it will scan as USED and you may be denied entry into the venue or you may have purchased a ticket that was cancelled due to a ticket limit violation. Red Butte Garden cannot look up or reprint tickets purchased through a reseller.

Why do some online sites offer concert tickets for sale, even before they are on sale to Garden Members?

These ticket sites DO NOT have tickets! Online sites that claim to have Red Butte Garden concert tickets before they go on sale to our Garden Members do not actually have tickets in hand. They claim to have tickets, and hope to acquire them through normal or other channels before the concert date (buying them from the public, or by being a Garden member, subject to ticket limits). It’s a gamble. A good clue is if the ticket for sale is overpriced and has language that says something like “ticket will be delivered by XX date,”- this usually means they do not have a ticket and that they will try to acquire one if they have found a potential buyer. The recommended course of action is to not use these sites and ONLY purchase tickets directly from Red Butte Garden, Ticketfly, or an artist’s official fan club. This is the only way to be sure you get authentic, face-value priced tickets.

Be aware that third-party ticket vendors and scalpers use the words 'Red Butte Garden' in some way to sell tickets. We recommend that you only purchase your tickets online through,, or

Purchasers of Red Butte Garden concert and event tickets may not resell their tickets for more than the face value of the ticket ("scalping"). Purchasers who are caught scalping their tickets may be subject to ejection from the Red Butte Garden event, may have their tickets confiscated, and may be banned from the future purchase of tickets to Red Butte Garden events. CLICK HERE to see all of the Terms & Conditions that apply to your concert ticket ("license").

Where To Purchase
There is a $5 Order-Processing fee per order for ALL ticket orders: online, phone, or in-person.
1. Online
2. Phone
  • Ticketfly: 877-987-6487 (Mon-Sun 7AM-6PM PST, Sun 10AM-6PM PST).
  • $4.50 per ticket Ticket Fee plus $1.50 per ticket Phone Order fee for Ticketfly phone orders
3. In-Person
  • Red Butte Garden Visitor Center open daily at 9AM
  • 300 Wakara Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84108
  • No per ticket Ticket Fee - Leave with tickets in hand
Concert Ticket Terms & Conditions
A ticket to a Red Butte Garden concert is a license from Red Butte Garden to attend the concert event. Purchasers agree to, and must comply with, certain terms and conditions. These terms and conditions include:
  • A prohibition on ticket scalping; aka overcharging
  • A prohibition on improper or disruptive behavior at concert events
  • Limitations on the number of tickets that may be purchased
  • Prohibitions on certain purchasing methods and practices
  • Rules regarding refunds and exchanges
  • Prohibitions on recording and transmitting of concert events
See a complete list and more details regarding these Terms & Conditions HERE. Failure to abide by the terms and conditions may result in exclusion from Red Butte Garden concerts and events, forfeiture of tickets, and banning of further purchase of Red Butte Garden concert and event tickets.

Children age 3 and younger do not need tickets.

How To Pick Up Tickets

Ticketfly offers multiple ticket delivery options, including print-at-home, mail, and Will Call.

  • Print at Home: Ticketfly will send you an email receipt with a PDF attachment of your tickets at the bottom of the email. Click on the PDF and either download the attachment OR click and drag the PDF to your computer desktop to print your tickets at home.

  • Will Call: Tickets may be picked up in advance at the Red Butte Garden Visitor Center, or at the Amphitheatre Will Call booth after 4PM on the day-of-show. Tickets may only be picked up by the original purchaser with photo ID.

  • Standard Mail & Expedited Shipping: Your tickets will be mailed to the address you entered at Check Out. There is an additional fee for both.
Day-Of-Show Tickets
  • Ticket prices increase on the day of the show
  • There are no Garden Member discounts on day-of-show tickets
Red Butte Garden Member Benefits For Concerts
Renew or purchase your Garden-Plus membership level or above to receive the following concert benefits:
  • Participate in the member-only Outdoor Concert Series ticket presale
  • Receive a discount: Concert tickets are $5.00 less per ticket for Garden Members than for the General Public
  • See more membership benefits HERE
Members may purchase the following # of concert tickets per show at the discounted rate:
  • Garden-Basic membership level - 0
  • Garden-Plus membership level - 2
  • Family, Family-Plus, & Circle of Friends membership levels - 4
  • Contributor & Forget-Me-Not membership levels - 6
  • Blazing Star, Avant Gardener & Director's Club membership levels - 8

To become a Garden Member, please visit our Membership page.

All sales are final. No refunds, replacements or exchanges. All shows rain or shine.
For more information visit our Concert FAQ page.

Be aware that third-party ticket vendors and scalpers use the words 'Red Butte Garden' in some way to sell tickets. We recommend that you only purchase your tickets online through, or, or
* Please Note: Garden Membership does not guarantee concert ticket availability *

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