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Our Ravishing Rose Garden

Ladies and Gentlemen the Rose Garden is in full glory! This is the best this garden has ever looked. Every single rose is in peak bloom and they are complimented perfectly by their flowering perennial companions. There is no better time to visit the Rose Garden than now.

Violette Rose    Rosa 'Violette'
The beautiful Violette Rose welcomes you at the entrance to the Rose Garden.

Summer in the Natural Area

A stunning second bloom is carpeting the Natural area with a rainbow of color and scents, all available with a nice hike on any of our Natural Area trails. This dazzling display includes the state flower, The Sego Lily!

A Sego Lily     Calochortus nuttallii     bud shows hints of the the lovely colors of its center.

Great Groundcovers!

Selecting an attractive, easy-to-grow groundcover can sometimes become quite a chore. Red Butte has a diverse selection of groundcovers growing throughout the Garden that you can reference to help decide what you want in your own garden.

Ground Ivy    Glechoma hederacea
This relative of mints tolerates light shade and full sun.

Penstemons in Bloom

As the Garden springs back to life in leaps and bounds, one flower always makes a statement, the Penstemon. Their tall and stately flower stalks are coming alive with color and a sea of pollinators in nearly every corner of the Garden.

Wasatch Penstemon,    Penstemon cyananthus,
carpet the Natural Area above the Great Wall.

We Hope You Lichen Our New Display

The beauty and bounty of spring are in full display in the Garden now! If you have the chance to treat yourself to a stroll through the Garden, take a moment to enjoy our new display along the Great Wall. We think you might really lichen it.

Seven common Red Butte Garden lichens are on display with labels that show their names and interesting facts.

May Flowers

Can you believe it? It is already mid May and before you know it, the year will be half way through. If you haven't visited the Garden yet, there is no better time than now. Besides lilacs, there are viburnums, crab apples and many perennials that are blooming their little hearts out.

Japanese Cobra Lily       Arisaema sikokianum

The Scent of Spring

The garden is full of the wonderful smells of spring! From the sweet, fresh aroma of our lovely lilacs to the subtle scent of the crab apples, a walk through Red Butte Garden is a special treat this time of year.

Adams Crabapple    Malus 'Adams'    is in full bloom.

Spring Has Sprung!

This is a wonderful time to visit the garden! The daffodils and other bulbs are beginning to reach their pinnacle and buds have started to flower throughout the garden. The sights and sounds of spring abound, even the butterflies have returned.

Ceylon Daffodil       Narcissus 'Ceylon'

Natural Area Blooms

One of my favorite times at Red Butte Garden is when the flowers in the Natural Area begin to bloom. They pop up along every trail and come in colors ranging from pure white to vivid yellow, intense magenta and brilliant blue.

Bigtooth Maple       Acer grandidentatum

Daffodil Display

Spring is an exciting time at Red Butte Garden. We all look forward to seeing the impressive display of daffodils in just about every corner of the Garden.

You can walk almost anywhere in the Garden right now and be surrounded by a sea of yellow.

Ice Follies Daffodil       Narcissus 'Ice Follies'

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