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Orange You Ready for a Trip to Red Butte Garden?

Monochromatic gardens, or sections of a garden, can be a fun way to add a stunning punch to your landscape. A stroll though Red Butte Garden could be a great source of inspiration for your monochromatic garden. Whatever color you're interested in showcasing, we have a range of choices to explore.

Double Tiger Lily    Lilium lancifolium 'Flore Pleno'

The Sirens Song of Shade

As the temperatures soar, the shady areas throughout our garden beckon with cool breezes and beautiful blooms. Shady areas in a garden can often be difficult to landscape, but here at Red Butte we have wonderful shade loving plants that can inspire you to create an oasis in your yard.

Touch-me-not    Impatiens balfourii

Garden Grasses

Grasses are an often overlooked, but incredibly versatile and useful addition to nearly any type of garden. The Ornamental Grass Collection here at Red Butte Garden, with over 40 different cultivars and species, can be a great source of inspiration for adding grasses to your garden.

Blue Grama Grass    Bouteloua gracilis

Oh, Woe is We(eds)!

As in every garden, we here at Red Butte are constantly fighting the war of the plants we want and the plants we don't want (weeds). This week we are spotlighting a few of the weeds we often pull, along with a few fun factoids that will hopefully add a little trivia-type joy to the woe of weed pulling in your garden.

Bittersweet Nightshade    Solanum dulcamara

The Splendor of Summer

Come enjoy the full splendor of summer as a profusion of blooms carpet every corner of the Garden! As the temperatures are forecasted to dip to a lovely 84 degrees Friday this is a great time to explore the new blooms and enjoy a break in the heat.

Mexican Wine Cups    Callirhoe involucrata

These papery blooms dazzle with iridescent magenta petals in the Children's Garden.

Red, White and Bloom!

Happy Fourth of July!

After your morning parades and Fourth of July breakfasts, come up to Red Butte Garden with your picnic lunch and escape the busyness of the city to explore the gardens and see the beautiful plant displays. There are gorgeous flowers blooming in every corner of the Garden.

Beautiful New Blooms

The Garden is absolutely bursting with life right now! There are new flushes of blooms in nearly every corner of the garden, along with some new additions blooming in the Garden for the first time!

Bigflower Self-heal    Prunella grandiflora 'Pink Loveliness'

is creating a lovely carpet of pink blooms in the Terrance Gardens.

Our Ravishing Rose Garden

Ladies and Gentlemen the Rose Garden is in full glory! This is the best this garden has ever looked. Every single rose is in peak bloom and they are complimented perfectly by their flowering perennial companions. There is no better time to visit the Rose Garden than now.

Violette Rose    Rosa 'Violette'
The beautiful Violette Rose welcomes you at the entrance to the Rose Garden.

Summer in the Natural Area

A stunning second bloom is carpeting the Natural area with a rainbow of color and scents, all available with a nice hike on any of our Natural Area trails. This dazzling display includes the state flower, The Sego Lily!

A Sego Lily     Calochortus nuttallii     bud shows hints of the the lovely colors of its center.

Great Groundcovers!

Selecting an attractive, easy-to-grow groundcover can sometimes become quite a chore. Red Butte has a diverse selection of groundcovers growing throughout the Garden that you can reference to help decide what you want in your own garden.

Ground Ivy    Glechoma hederacea
This relative of mints tolerates light shade and full sun.

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