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Marching into April

It definitely looks like spring is here. Early-flowering shrubs are blooming one by one, bulbs are popping up in every corner bringing much anticipated color, and the Natural Area is providing its own show of native flowers.

Pink Forsythia   Abeliophyllum distichum 'Roseum'

Look for this fragrant shrub on the Floral Walk just east of the rings.

Woodland Gems

When you come up to see our fantastic bulb display this week, be sure to keep an eye out for some woodland flowers that are also waking up. There are Winter Aconites, Hellebores, and Liverworts which can be found growing in the filtered shade of the defoliated trees and shrubs along the Floral Walk, and in the Medicinal and Water Pavilion Gardens.

Winter Aconite   Eranthis hyemalis

Rose Garden Irises

Color is popping up all over the Garden, from the earliest Daffodils in the Four Seasons Garden, the Snowdrops in the Medicinal Garden and Floral Walk, to the many cultivars and colors of Iris in the Rose Garden.

Right now for the next week or two is the best time to see the spring Irises before they fade and give way to the Daffodils.

George Reticulated Iris    Iris reticulata 'George'

First Flowers!

It's happening folks! The garden is waking up. We may not be out of the woods yet as far as cold weather goes, but some of the plants have decided to flower a few weeks earlier than normal.

Gray Alder    Alnus incana

This native water-loving tree produces catkins early in spring that are pollinated by the wind.

The Garden is Budding with Interest

As winter embraces us, a new season of interest is budding out all over the Garden. Winter buds not only delight with the promise of spring renewal, but also create a fun focal point. Come enjoy a scavenger hunt for these often diminutive, but always interesting, winter garden highlights.

Yulan Magnolia    Magnolia denudata

Come Bark Up Our Tree

The flowers have faded and the leaves have fallen, but that doesn't mean there isn't anything of interest left to see in the garden. Many of the plants whose flowers and leaves had you in awe earlier in the season, have now lost them to reveal their colorful and variously textured bark.

Incense Cedar    Calocedrus decurrens

Fall Treasures

As winter begins to bring bite to the air, some of the jewels of fall are rewarding those who visit the garden. Besides the colorful display of fall foliage, there are an abundance of fruits, cones and late season blooms just waiting to be discovered. Grab a jacket and enjoy a brisk jaunt through the wonderfully colorful Garden.

European Cranberrybush Viburnum    Viburnum opulus

Fabulous Fall Flora

A flush of fall colors have blanketed the flora throughout Red Butte Garden and the result is fabulous! Flowers are still blooming and birds are dancing through the air against a beautiful backdrop of deep reds, oranges and yellow. Come enjoy the swan song of summer before it's too late!

The Four Seasons Garden welcomes you with a mosaic of fall colors and textures as you emerge from the Visitor Center.

Utah Natives for Your Garden

Whether you're looking for additions to a water-wise, low maintenance or standard garden, there is a Utah native plant that is right for you. Native plants are currently blooming or dazzling us with fall color both in the Natural Area and throughout the Garden.

Rubber Rabbitbush    Chrysothamnus nauseosus

Astounding Asters

As temperatures begin their decline into autumn, many types of flowers begin to wane. Flowers in the aster family are an exception to this, as they are just getting ready to peak.

September Ruby Aster    Aster novae-angliae 'Setpemberrubin'
The maroon to magenta flowers of this Aster tower above many others.

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