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August Blooms

It has been an interesting year, that's for sure. Everything is blooming later than normal and some blooming periods are lasting longer, but either way things are in full swing right now.  You'll find these beauties as you walk through the garden.

Campanula incurva

Bellflower        Campanula incurva

Digitalis lanata

A Walk in the Natural Area

Today was the perfect day for a hike in the Natural Area. With approximately 3 1/2 miles of trails to hike, Red Butte is a great place to come and escape the city for a while and see some cool native flowers.


Comandra umbellata       Bastard Toadflax


Crepis acuminata       Tapertip Hawksbeard

Spring is here......maybe.

I think we're FINALLY in springtime.... The daffodils are finishing up and the lilacs, crabapples and viburnums are almost in full swing.


Volcan Lilac       Syringa vulgaris 'Volcan'


Charles Holetich Lilac       Syringa vulgaris 'Charles Holetich'


As you have probably noticed, everything has been a bit late to bloom this year and daffodils were no exception.  Right now they are at their peak, so come for a visit.


 Cheerfulness Yellow


Come Visit!!

The garden is filled with color everywhere you look.  The Irises and other bulbs are open in the Rose Garden and Floral walk and the Daffodils are just beginning to show signs of get ready for a great show in the next few weeks.

On your way to check out the incredible bulb display in the Rose Garden, look for these gorgeous blooms.


Helleborus foetidus       Stinking Hellebore

First Blooms

Things have been blooming up here since early February, but up until now winter seems to keep covering them with a blanket of snow....although, as I type this, the rain is turning to snow.

So....when it lets up, be sure to come and see our early spring blooming flowers.


Cyclamen       Cyclamen sp.

Cyclamen on the floral walk under the Russian Olive trees.

Fall Bloomer

There are some striking new Arums in the Herb Garden this year. Most are spring and summer blooming, but there is one species that blooms in the fall, and right now it is blooming its little heart out.

Arum pictum

Arum       Arum pictum

Visitor Center Green Roof

Red Butte Garden has a new green roof!  Come check it out.  Its great design is composed of four varieties of Sedum and one variety of Sempervivum all flowing together.

Green Roof

Green roof above Visitor Center gift shop

Which Echinops is it?

This year, the most common question I have received is how to tell apart our globe thistles. Hopefully this blooming blog post will clear things up and make you an expert the next time you visit!


Globe Thistle        Echinops ritro



If you are a fan of hardy lavender, now is the time to visit! The gardens are filled with the enticing aroma. The best places to see lavender at Red Butte are in the Fragrance Garden and the Four Seasons Garden.


Hidcote Lavender        Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote'

Irene Doyle

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