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Mid and Late Season Daffodils

The mid and late season daffodils are still going strong if you haven't had a chance to see our amazing daffodil display yet. The best places to catch them are the Four Seasons Garden, Floral Walk and Rose Garden.

Narcissus 'Carlton'

Mid Season Daffodils

Our daffodils are in full bloom here at Red Butte, from the very small cultivars to the very tall, they are up and open in all the gardens.

Some daffodils you might see while you're walking around the Garden are posted below, but there are many many more!!

Narcissus 'Camelot'

Narcissus 'Jack Snipe'

Magnolia Madness!!

2012 seems to be a very good year for our Magnolias at Red Butte Garden. With the mild winter and a warm spring, the gorgeous flowers have been retaining their color and fragrance very well.

You can see our various Magnolias near the Courtyard, along the Floral walk and in the Fragrance Garden.

Leonard Messel Magnolia       Magnolia x loebneri 'Leonard Messel'

Blooming Bulbs 2012

It's that time folks! The bulbs are awake and are open all over the Garden. This year Red Butte Garden will have over 300,000 bulbs blooming.

Be sure to visit multiple times throughout the bulb season to see the many varieties on display.

All Bark, No Bite

It looks like, for the moment, Utah might be having a little bit of winter. So while everything that's blooming is under a thin blanket of snow, lets take our attention to the often overlooked and attractive bark possessed by so many trees and shrubs within the gardens.

The Paperbark Maple can be found along the Floral Walk and in the Perennial Garden. The exfoliating bark looks nice when back lit with morning sun.

Winter Conifers

Winter time - with or without snow - presents a wonderful time to explore the gardens and see our ever expanding conifer collections. We have conifers in many locations in every garden within Red Butte. There are many new and unique varieties added each year and the best way to find out about them is to visit often and explore every garden.

Norway Spruce       Picea abies

Seven-Son Flower - Heptacodium miconioides

One truly magnificent tree at Red Butte Garden is the Seven-Son Flower (Heptacodium miconioides).


Seven-Son Flower       Heptacodium miconioides

Fall at Red Butte Garden

The colors at Red Butte Garden and the surrounding foothills are filled with autumn colors. Come take a walk through the garden before the leaves are all gone.

Amur Maple

Amur Maple        Acer ginnala

Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple        Acer japonicum

Fall is for the Grasses

From now until the snow falls is the best time to see our fantastic display of ornamental grasses. They are planted in every garden so be sure to them all.

Four Seasons Panicum

Miscanthus in a sea of Panicum

Silver Spike Grass

Silver Spike Grass       Chnatherum calamagrostis

September Roses

The temperatures are beginning to cool down and our roses are still showing off.  Come take a walk through our gardens and see how many different cultivars you can count.

Jude The Obscure Rose

Jude The Obscure Rose        Rosa 'AUSjo'

Graham Thomas Rose

Graham Thomas Rose        Rosa 'AUSmas'

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