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Over the Moon for June!

Here at the Garden, we are over the moon excited for the warm weather that brings an abundance of flowers. Now that it is June and many of you are out of school and the official start of summer is right around the corner, there is no excuse to not be at Red Butte enjoying nature's splendor.

Plains Pricklypear    Opuntia polyacantha

Floriferous Friday

It is the final Friday of the month and the Garden is looking quite flowery. Come enjoy all the new blooms on this wonderful overcast day.

Cobra Lily    Arisaema ringens

While in the Herb Garden, look carefully for the flowers. They are hidden by the leaves.

May Day Flowers

We're half way through May and the Garden is painted in color everywhere you look.

King Edward Yarrow    Achillea x lewisii 'King Edward'

This creamy yellow groundcover is blooming just west of the stage in the Amphitheatre.

Showers Have Brought Flowers!

The recent storms have brought lots of flowers to the Garden. Now that the rain has subsided and the temperatures are just right, it is a pleasant time to be outside and gaze at natures glory.

Jacob's Ladder    Polemonium caeruleum ssp. himalayanum

Check out these beauties in the Fragrance Garden!

Natural Area Flowers

Spring is the best time to take a hike in the Red Butte Garden Natural Area. Flowers can be found blooming from the top to the bottom. Come take a stroll today.

Pale Agoseris    Agoseris glauca

It's Arbor Day!

Have you been cooped up because of the rain? The weather may be gloom but the Garden sure isn't! Grab an umbrella and come celebrate Arbor Day here at Red Butte Garden! Admission is free today!

Frosch® Hardy Lady Slipper Orchid    Cypripedium 'Sabine'

Come Immerse Yourself in Spring!

Now that the weather is warmer, you must be antsy to get outside. Why not do so by coming to the Garden, where spring is in full swing!

Serviceberry Tunnel

It is quite enchanting to walk along the Floral Walk and through the serviceberry tunnel.

It's beginning to look a lot like...Spring?

It's officially spring! Although the weather may not know it, the Garden sure does! Come be amazed by the number of plants blooming right now.

Wild Ginger    Asarum splendens

You really have to look hard in the Herb Garden to spot this flower, as you can see it has mastered the art of camouflage.

Signs of Spring

We are just a few days away from the first day of spring and the Garden is definitely showing signs of the change. Now is a good time to see Red Butte Garden wake up from its winter slumber.

Siberian Squill   Scilla siberica

In the Courtyard, this flower may be small but you can't miss it. It's vibrant blue color is sure to catch your eye.


Bark is the outer layer of trees and shrubs. It provides protection against the outdoor elements, insulates against extreme temperatures, prevents water loss, and wards off insects. Bark comes in many different colors and textures, of which can be seen here at Red Butte Garden. Come see for yourself.

Paperbark Maple    Acer griseum

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