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Behind the Scenes

Here is a sneak peak of behind the scenes and inside of our Greenhouses, which is where the magic begins at Red Butte Garden.


Hart's Tongue Fern    Asplenium scolopendrium

The Splendor of December

We are now half way through December. Are you wondering if there is any color left here at Red Butte Garden? Well wonder no more. Take a look at the photos below, better yet, come to the Garden to see for yourself!

Nannyberry Viburnum    Viburnum lentago

You better hurry to see these vibrant fruits, they won't be able to hang on for much longer.

The Fruits of Winter

Winter is definitely here making the Garden a snowy wonderland. Some plants retain their fruit throughout the winter, and with a backdrop of white, the colors of the fruit really stand out this time of year.

Golden Spirit® Smokebush   Cotinus coggygria 'Ancot'

This golden-leaved shrub often retains some of its wispy fruits into the first part of winter.

Enthralled with Fall!

Come enjoy the sweater weather in this November. You are sure to be captivated by the Garden's vibrance.

Oregon Grape   Mahonia repens

This small shrub appears to be on fire when struck by the sun.

Fall is Still Blooming!

Have you found yourself wondering if there are still any flowers blooming at Red Butte Garden? Wonder no more, the answer is yes!

Ryan's Pink Mum    Chrysanthemum 'Ryan's Pink'

This delight is in full bloom in the Fragrance Garden!

Fall Has it All!

Flowers, fruit, leaves, insects, and cooler weather! Thanks to Fall, Red Butte Garden has it all! Now is a good time to visit the Garden to see plants in all various life stages.

Zagreb Tickseed    Coreopsis verticillata 'Zagreb'

This little beauty can be seen in the Rose Garden.

Fantastic Fall Flowers

Fall is officially here and every corner of the Garden is filled with color.

Paper Bark Maple   Acer griseum

Look for the beautiful peeling bark of this Maple along the Floral Walk and near the Amphitheatre

Happy Labor Day weekend!

For all of you hard workers out there, come spend your long weekend up here at the Garden. What better way to relax than to be surrounded by nature's beauty!

Pink Octopus Bellflower   Campanula 'Pink Octopus'

Can you tell why this flower is called Pink Octopus?

Multiflorous Monday!

The Garden is in full bloom with no shortage of flowers or bees! Come break up your monotonous Monday by enjoying all the floral beauty the Garden has to offer!

Wild Passion Flower    Passiflora incarnata

Have a Blooming Weekend!

It's Friday! Come celebrate at Red Butte Garden and you will be sure to have a blooming spectacular weekend! If you come in the morning, you will be able to beat the heat as well as get to experience the tranquility created by all the bees buzzing.

Globe Thistle    Echinops ritro

The bees are definitely buzzing for these flowers. How many bees can you spot?

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