Container Vegetables

Variety Recommendations for Vegetables in Containers

- Any small-vined variety such as; Patio, Pixie, Tiny Tim, Sweet 100, Red Grape, Yellow Pear, Vilma, Super Bush, Patio Princess, Early Girl, Tumbling Tom, Tea Cup, EZ Gro Patio Kabob

- Any variety will do
- Either hot or sweet
- Make sure they are not shaded by other plants
- Make sure flowers have access to pollinators
- Fish, Black Pearl, Tasty Patio Green, Habanero

- Any variety will do; pickling or snacking
- My best experiences have been as a spiller over the side of the pot
- Make sure flowers have access to pollinators
- Varieties include; Salad Bush, Bush Champion, Spacemaster, Patio Kuhl, Park’s Bush Whopper II

Summer Squash
- Harvested when fruit is young and rinds are tender
- Straight necks have slightly smaller plants
- Yellow scallop types have naturally smaller vines; Patio Pan, Patty Pan, Peter Pan
- Green Zucchini varieties; Midnight, Patio Tasty Climbing Zucchini
- Yellow Zucchini varieties; Tasty Patio Zucchini, Golden Egg
- Yellow Crookneck varieties; Pic-N-Pic
- Yellow Straight neck varieties; Cosmos, Saffron, Early Prolific

Winter Squash
- Acorn, butternut, spaghetti types have naturally smaller vines
- Harvested at maturity when the rind is hard and seeds are ripe
- Recommended Varieties;
- Butternut; Butterbush, Waltham
- Acorn; Early Acorn, Honey Bear, Table King,
- Spaghetti; Tivoli
- Others; Sweet Mama, Sweet Dumpling, Golden Nugget

Pumpkin (carving and decorative)
- Recommended Varieties; Pumpkin Patio Pot, F1 Summer Ball, Baby Bear, Baby Boo, Jack Be Quick, Jack be Little, Honey Bear
- Fruit size ranges from 1-2 lbs
- More decorative varieties like Munchkin, Lil’ Pumpkin, Hooligan, Wee Be Little

- Recommended Varieties; Honey Bun (Burpee), Ambrosia, Hales Best, Fastbreak, Athena, Lilliput
- Very few bush varieties available as they have poor yield
- Look for varieties that have a smaller 3-5 lbs. fruit

- Smaller sized and shorter seasoned watermelons grow well in containers
- Ice box varieties (6-11 lbs.); Golden Crown, Mickylee, Yellow Baby, Sugar Baby, Golden Midget, Early Moonbeam
- Personal or Mini Varieties are just becoming available. Most have a thinner rind and more yummy juicy flesh

- Lettuce; Green Ice , Salad Bowl, Red Sails, Black Seeded Simpson, Buttercrunch, Oakleaf, Tom Thumb, Little Gem
- Swiss Chard; Bright Lights
- Kale; Red Russian, Redbor, Coalition, Vates
- Mustard Greens; Golden Frill
- I love to sow these early in March, and harvest in the late spring!


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